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I have decided that his campaign will be run in D&D 3.5.
(4th edition is easier to play, but plays much more like a video game. You pick a class and basically follow a single path with a few forks. Also I’ve only played a few times and don’t know the rule differences very well. I think the newly released 5th edition would be a great learning experience for both players and DM, but only 1 book has been published and it’ll take a long time to build the same level of material available.)

I’d like to plan ahead as much as possible so basically the characters are created and ready before we arrive for the gaming weekend. To that end the races and classes are limited to the Player’s Handbook and a little of Unearthed Arcana (that are open license, free to post online and use). As we play we can expand to other player centered books, but too many options at character creation can seem overwhelming.
The open source material has been posted online at www.d20srd.org.

I would like to play with normal player vs character knowledge rules. You can / should discuss your general archetypes to make sure we don’t end up with all fighters or casters. However, each backstory should be kept private and reveal that kind of information through gameplay.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. It’s much better to stop and learn than gloss over explanations you don’t fully understand.

One final point. This is supposed to be a fun, don’t take everything too seriously. But also don’t try and play like Erin (Mulraine) all the time. There could be a time and place for putting on a show but not when a Jarl is stepping on Sharpie.

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