Adventures from Hakebyr

A Brief History of Hakebyr

Common Knowledge

Millions of years ago, a tropical island nation, Londörthel, slowly drifted into the main continent and a large mountain range built up along the old southern coast. These “newly” formed peaks have trapped the prevailing northwestern winds such that the former island nation has significant rainfall and has become a jungle paradise. The mountain range has a single large pass that connects the jungle with the arid savanna along the northern side of the peaks.

1200 years ago the continent of Hakebyr was peacefully unified as a single nation under a benevolent monarchy. With no significant wars anymore the people of Hakebyr experienced 400 years of “golden age” prosperity, with a flourishing economy, reduced crime, and rising standard of living for everyone. Hakebyr participated in the world economy through naval trade, but having sufficient resources found locally most imports were luxury, artisanal goods.

Eventually another nation grew jealous of Hakebyr’s prosperity and sought control of the continent through an invasion force. The royal family heard rumors of this amassing army and brought all the races’ forces together to form a unified front. King Ernard Geray took his elite guard to confront the invaders as their vessels came ashore. King Geray returned to the capital with his complete guard having achieved a clear victory. The unified army was marshaled by a brilliant tactician and easily flanked and dispatched the remaining invasion force.

Years later King Ernard Geray, having twin sons, decided to leave the kingdom under their joint control with a younger sister helping to arbitrate any split decisions. Once Ernard was deceased this arrangement lasted only 12 years before the twins split the nation into two districts each serving as regent over their section, and co-kings over Hakebyr in name only. Their heirs eventually split Haekbyr into two nations, Etelä and Iänsi. Over the next 100 years with Hakebyr fractured, a few cultures broke from their host countries to found new nations. The jungle Elf community and the tribes of orcs and goliaths in the mountains no longer recognized Etelä rule; while the underground dwarves cities seceded from Iänsi.

As it currently stands the continent of Hakebyr is divided into 4 nations, Etelä, Iänsi, Anenbyr (dwarves), and Londörthel (elves). The Akzinbar Spires are within Etelä’s borders but the tribes do not recognize or pay allegiance to King Lesym Geray. In addition there is a vibrant community of aquatic races off the coast of Hakebyr that trade with but are not subject to any terrestrial monarchy.


How familiar is Khal about the geography?

A Brief History of Hakebyr

Depending on how long ago Khal left the Akzinbar Spires he’d have fairly extensive knowledge of Etelä’s geography and the existence of the other 3 nations, but probably not first-hand travel experience outside this country.

A Brief History of Hakebyr

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