Adventures from Hakebyr

Party Up

Inaugural Journey

Having been caught in the Eagle’s Peak, Pippy tells Marle that she ran from the theft attempt to change her disguise,because she is being pursued and thought her cover might be compromised. Pippy persuades Marle that she is not an enemy and that as a show of good faith tells Marle that Zazu is locked in a room upstairs but is unharmed. Agreeing to meet out at the stables, Marle heads upstairs to retrieve Zazu and runs into the capital soldiers. Talking briefly about the assassination, Marle says that she saw a female gnome running through the crowd and gave chase to learn more. Thanking her for the information, the guards leave the Eagle’s Peak. Marle and Zazu head outside to the stable and find that Pippy has removed her poor disguise and is packing her mule. Deciding to search the area for clues, Zazu alerts on a patch of blood and a section of boot containing the end third of a humanoid foot. Following the scent of the blood splatter, Zazu leads Marle, Pippy, and her mule outside of Blossom and along a stream.

They come across Teddy coming towards them and after a quick surprise that Pippy and Marle have both met Teddy on separate occasions, they continue onto his camp. There they find Khal and a captive, an alleged assassin. Poppy uses her cleric spell, Cure Light Wounds to heal the alleged killer and quickly Khal and Marle tag team a scary interrogation, including amputating his thumbs. Once he confessed to killing King Geray, they pressed more for his motivation and while he said “I will not tell you my reasons” once Khal threatened more dismemberment, he complied. This assassin was hired by a nobleman to kill the King and his camp in located near the Akzinbar Spires. The group killed the captive and burned the body to hide any evidence. Camping another night they decided to head out at first light.

Journeying south, the party skirted around Blossom and passed a group of soldiers traveling north to investigate the large smoke plume coming from the funeral pyre. Leaving Blossom behind the party stuck to an old partly cobblestoned path heading to the nearest pass through the Spires. Coming over a hill they spot Orcs attempting to lead two horses and cart laden with crates off the road away from 5 corpses left lying around the cart. Deciding a confrontation is not their responsibility they attempt to skirt the Orcs, but traveling into the woods they make too much noise and the Orcs charge at the onlookers. Slaying the orcs and the human wizard that was originally not noticed the party took the cart and continued on their journey into the Spires.

Entering the Akzinbar Spires, the party came across a family fleeing Etelä because a group of Orcs had raided and burned their small farm. The party offered their protection on the journey through the Spires and the family graciously accepted. Coming to the top of a series of switchbacks, the cart and wagon convoy were attacked by a large hawk. Using meat as bait, the party slew the hawk with Khal sustaining some damage and the father shooting the final arrow into the beast.



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