Adventures from Hakebyr

The Swan Song of Anthol Pastow
Descending the Chagu Pass
Party Up
Inaugural Journey

Having been caught in the Eagle’s Peak, Pippy tells Marle that she ran from the theft attempt to change her disguise,because she is being pursued and thought her cover might be compromised. Pippy persuades Marle that she is not an enemy and that as a show of good faith tells Marle that Zazu is locked in a room upstairs but is unharmed. Agreeing to meet out at the stables, Marle heads upstairs to retrieve Zazu and runs into the capital soldiers. Talking briefly about the assassination, Marle says that she saw a female gnome running through the crowd and gave chase to learn more. Thanking her for the information, the guards leave the Eagle’s Peak. Marle and Zazu head outside to the stable and find that Pippy has removed her poor disguise and is packing her mule. Deciding to search the area for clues, Zazu alerts on a patch of blood and a section of boot containing the end third of a humanoid foot. Following the scent of the blood splatter, Zazu leads Marle, Pippy, and her mule outside of Blossom and along a stream.

They come across Teddy coming towards them and after a quick surprise that Pippy and Marle have both met Teddy on separate occasions, they continue onto his camp. There they find Khal and a captive, an alleged assassin. Poppy uses her cleric spell, Cure Light Wounds to heal the alleged killer and quickly Khal and Marle tag team a scary interrogation, including amputating his thumbs. Once he confessed to killing King Geray, they pressed more for his motivation and while he said “I will not tell you my reasons” once Khal threatened more dismemberment, he complied. This assassin was hired by a nobleman to kill the King and his camp in located near the Akzinbar Spires. The group killed the captive and burned the body to hide any evidence. Camping another night they decided to head out at first light.

Journeying south, the party skirted around Blossom and passed a group of soldiers traveling north to investigate the large smoke plume coming from the funeral pyre. Leaving Blossom behind the party stuck to an old partly cobblestoned path heading to the nearest pass through the Spires. Coming over a hill they spot Orcs attempting to lead two horses and cart laden with crates off the road away from 5 corpses left lying around the cart. Deciding a confrontation is not their responsibility they attempt to skirt the Orcs, but traveling into the woods they make too much noise and the Orcs charge at the onlookers. Slaying the orcs and the human wizard that was originally not noticed the party took the cart and continued on their journey into the Spires.

Entering the Akzinbar Spires, the party came across a family fleeing Etelä because a group of Orcs had raided and burned their small farm. The party offered their protection on the journey through the Spires and the family graciously accepted. Coming to the top of a series of switchbacks, the cart and wagon convoy were attacked by a large hawk. Using meat as bait, the party slew the hawk with Khal sustaining some damage and the father shooting the final arrow into the beast.

The Long Road to Boredom
Party Introductions

Khal, a half-Orc barbarian, arrives in Blossom and heads to the first two story building he sees, seeking a tavern. Arriving at this building he burst in asking for an ale only to learn this is Town Hall. Learning about the upcoming Spring Festival during the hustle of preparations Khal leaves to find the Grinning Maiden. After asking some laborers, Khal is directed to Throgiz, the dwarf carpenter foreman who hires him to venture out of Blossom to fell trees for the festival’s lumber projects.
Returning from a day of being a lumberjack, Khal finally arrives at his original destination the Grinning Maiden. After ordering a drinking a gallon of ale, Khal meets a halfling entertainer who introduces himself as Teddy Ferns. After chugging their drinks and Khal smashes his pitcher the two leave in search of Blossom’s other tavern, Eagle’s Peak. Once it becomes clear Khal can’t read, Teddy announces that “this is the place!” upon reaching Eagle’s Peak a more refined drinking establishment. Teddy performs with the harpist and gets a small cut of her tips, but the two resume drinking and while the bartender runs to get town guard for breaking a second pitcher (third if you count the one from the Grinning Maiden) they steal 8 bottles of tai liquor and run off. Returning to the Grinning Maiden around 4 am, they find the main room very quiet and take this opportunity to sell the liquor to this bartender.

The next morning at the Eagle’s Peak a gnome comes down from her small rented quarters and gets an oatmeal breakfast. She finds a gentleman relaxing in the town square and with some miscommunication is perceived as a waitress. Having taken an order for 1 pint of ale and the realization that she underestimated the cost of a pint returns to her room and changes disguise, so that the gentleman will not recognize her. Returning to the square the people have begun to gather to await King Geray’s arrival in Blossom. The gnome spots Khal and Teddy in the throng and takes their drink order, introducing herself as Pippy Oneshoe. Getting their order from the Eagle’s Peak, Pippy does this waitress job at cost. In the afternoon, someone from the outskirts of town runs up and announces the king’s caravan approaches.

The Royal carriage entered town square flanked by guards and once. Clear path was established King Geray exited and shook people’s hands on the way up to the dais. From here Lesym Geray thanked the mayor and people of Blossom for hosting this event in splendor and wished that everyone welcome the guests with hospitality and to help with that the town’s taverns would be giving away free pints to those who used the phrase King’s Bounty. During this rousing speech Khal and Teddy git embroiled in an argument with a few people nearby and missed the free pint section. Pippy left the crowd and finding the Eagle’s Peak empty helped herself to a few ales and sold them to the crowd.

The crowd dispersed after Geray finished his speech with a call that everyone do their part to prepare Blossom for the festival in 3 days. Teddy climbed off Khal’s shoulders and ate lunch at the Eagle’s Peak before leaving Blossom to tend to his mount Clyde and camp overnight beside a stream. Khal headed to Town Hall to inquire about more work and from the guards learned about the extra security tryouts the next day. Pippy asks the soldiers in the town square if she can have her meeting as planned. These soldiers do not know what she’s talking about and sends her to the Town Hall to speak with the King’s Guard or advisors. As Pippy nears she crosses paths with Khal and he tells her they aren’t very helpful inside. Pippy heads in anyway undeterred. Khal sees Throgiz and asks if he can help with lumber but no openings are available today, Throgiz suggests meeting tomorrow morning to work again. Khal goes the the Eagle’s Peak but finds food prices too high and ventures to the Grinning Maiden for lunch, but returns to Eagle’s Peak for drinks. There Khal reconnects with Pippy and they discuss their situations before turning in for the night.

20 miles outside of Blossom, in a grove of jungle protected from poachers and hunters Marle is living her life caring for animals of all types. This day an elf elder travels from Londörthel to tell Marle that as the local face of Elvenkind she is to go to Blossom as a representative and celebrate the Spring Festival and Hakebyr’s joint victory. Packing quickly and leaving immediately Marle travels with only her most loyal animal companion, Zazu the Third. After a few hours of travel, Marle and Zazu come across a pony secured to a tree near a tent. Using her wild empathy the pony approaches Marle pulling on the branches, dislodging his lead rope and shaking a few pine cones onto the tent waking the inhabitant. Teddy Ferns emerges to find Clyde licking and nuzzling up to Marle. As a show of good faith and apology Marle makes an shares Druid Margaritas with Teddy before continuing into Blossom.

Khal awoke early to work for Throgiz, with the caveat that they return to town in time for the evening’s security tryouts. This day goes by quickly, with Teddy entering town with Clyde in the afternoon. Before dinnertime, the town square gathered with spectators to witness the selection of the extra security through the end of the Spring Festival. Khal entered and won the two rounds of tryouts. First a wrestling competition against a human warrior and a mock battle against a dwarf. Heading to Eagle’s Peak to celebrate the victory Khal, Teddy, and Pippy had a few drinks. Teddy played cards against 3 others and won some coin.

The next morn, saw the Spring Festival in full swing. Khal started a patrol of the festivities with Teddy at his side looking for any excuse to interject himself in the situation. They spot a teenager running towards them and Khal screamed out, “Stop” and the young man complied immediately. When questioned the runner said that he was trying to reach the Town Square in time to hear King Geray’s opening ceremony speech. Letting the youth go, Khal and Teddy headed over to the square themselves. There they encountered Pippy who had previously been offering to bring ale to festival patrons but upon receiving payment moved on to the next chump, without fetching any drinks. Marle and Zazu were present on the dais as the elf representative and was greeted by Geray before his remarks.

Lesym Geray began his speech by welcoming all his subjects and introducing Mayor Gilex and Druid Marle. Recounting briefly how Hakebyr unified across all boundaries, political and racial, to repel the invaders King Geray is mid sentence when two arrows pierce his chest. He staggers for a moment before toppling and like a starting gun everyone begins moving and screaming at once. The Royal Guard quickly fall to the king’s side and Marle quickly evaluates the situation. With her knowledge of natural substances she determines the arrow is coated in a flower extract that is highly poisonous, removing an arrow and saving it for further study Marle moves on knowing that no Heal will save this man. Upon the shooting Teddy and Khal look around for a shooter, while not getting a clear glimpse Teddy sees a quick blur of movement from the roofline of the Eagle’s Peak. Rushing through the crowd towards the tavern, Pippy sees the duo and fails a Sense Motive doesn’t know they have any purpose besides trying to get more ale before everyone leaves this assembly. While Marle is finishing up her evaluation of Lesym’s condition, a soldier stationed along the front of the dais snatches the crown and makes an escape to the southeast of Town Square. With barely a sound a large golden humanoid, wearing armor and the Royal Guard tabard, drops from the sky and picks up King Geray before leaping back into the air. Springing into action, Marle sent Zazu to attack the thief and Pippy came over to assist. Zazu made quick work of the human while suffering a single retaliation blow. Pippy swung and missed twice before immediately turning to run at Eagle’s Peak. Marle, no knowing Pippy’s current disguise, sent Zazu to track the gnome in hopes of getting more answers about the assassination.

Teddy climbed down from Khal’s shoulders and stationed at the entrance corner to Eagle’s Peak and began intently watching the roof and neighboring alley for any sign of the blur. Khal charged down the side of Eagle’s Peak and came around the backside of the building just in time to see a human fall from the second story roof and scream out in pain. Hearing the yell over the crowd, Teddy rushes to the far side of Eagle’s Peak to assist Khal. Pippy can now run toward Eagle’s Peak since the crowd is sufficiently thinned, but Zazu is too fast for her to evade so easily. Marle retrieves the silver crown and returns to the dais to give the headpiece to the Royal Guards still there. Seeing Zazu almost 120 feet away, Marle leaps off the dais and stumbles before recovering and pursuing her animal companion. The guards follow suit, knowing that Marle is on Etelä’s side in this assassination plot. Khal threatens the human with his great axe and with Teddy’s advice severed a part of his foot to stop any attempts at escape. The alleged assassin drops unconscious and Khal and Teddy decide to carry the body out of Blossom to interrogate him themselves. Following Teddy’s instructions the pair rush through back alleys and yards, taking a moment to search his gear, before an old man sees them carrying the unconscious body just as they depart the town’s limit. Pippy races into Eagle’s Peak and up to her small rented quarters before closing the door quickly, but not fast enough. She turns around to see that Zazu is now closed in the room with her. Making a rushed Disguise, Pippy changes her appearance once again. Fleeing her room with more caution, she traps Zazu in the room and walks calmly towards the stairs. The three Royal Guards make room for the gnome on the stairs and Pippy Oneshoe passes back to the first floor where Marle sees through the hasty disguise. On the outskirt of Blossom, Khal and Teddy tie the assassin up and try splashing him with water but he is not roused from unconsciousness. Figuring that his wounds are more serious than planned, Teddy leaves to find a healer and remembers that Pippy is a cleric and has been staying at the Eagle’s Peak tavern.

Note: If there’s any inconsistencies with how you remember it occurring or omissions write a comment and we can address the point as a group.

A Brief History of Hakebyr
Common Knowledge

Millions of years ago, a tropical island nation, Londörthel, slowly drifted into the main continent and a large mountain range built up along the old southern coast. These “newly” formed peaks have trapped the prevailing northwestern winds such that the former island nation has significant rainfall and has become a jungle paradise. The mountain range has a single large pass that connects the jungle with the arid savanna along the northern side of the peaks.

1200 years ago the continent of Hakebyr was peacefully unified as a single nation under a benevolent monarchy. With no significant wars anymore the people of Hakebyr experienced 400 years of “golden age” prosperity, with a flourishing economy, reduced crime, and rising standard of living for everyone. Hakebyr participated in the world economy through naval trade, but having sufficient resources found locally most imports were luxury, artisanal goods.

Eventually another nation grew jealous of Hakebyr’s prosperity and sought control of the continent through an invasion force. The royal family heard rumors of this amassing army and brought all the races’ forces together to form a unified front. King Ernard Geray took his elite guard to confront the invaders as their vessels came ashore. King Geray returned to the capital with his complete guard having achieved a clear victory. The unified army was marshaled by a brilliant tactician and easily flanked and dispatched the remaining invasion force.

Years later King Ernard Geray, having twin sons, decided to leave the kingdom under their joint control with a younger sister helping to arbitrate any split decisions. Once Ernard was deceased this arrangement lasted only 12 years before the twins split the nation into two districts each serving as regent over their section, and co-kings over Hakebyr in name only. Their heirs eventually split Haekbyr into two nations, Etelä and Iänsi. Over the next 100 years with Hakebyr fractured, a few cultures broke from their host countries to found new nations. The jungle Elf community and the tribes of orcs and goliaths in the mountains no longer recognized Etelä rule; while the underground dwarves cities seceded from Iänsi.

As it currently stands the continent of Hakebyr is divided into 4 nations, Etelä, Iänsi, Anenbyr (dwarves), and Londörthel (elves). The Akzinbar Spires are within Etelä’s borders but the tribes do not recognize or pay allegiance to King Lesym Geray. In addition there is a vibrant community of aquatic races off the coast of Hakebyr that trade with but are not subject to any terrestrial monarchy.

Character Creation

We can use this post to plan your characters publicly, but any secrets or backstory information should be discussed with me privately (through email, Facebook messages, or long form texts.)

You can read about the different races and classes at The website also has the basic rules about combat and your quantifying your character’s abilities,

In this game ability scores will be generated by rolling three complete sets of scores and choosing the one you like the most. Each set is made up of 6 numbers ranging from 3 to 18 and are then assigned to the 6 abilities (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma). In practical terms you will roll 4d6 (four six sided die) and add up the three highest numbers. This becomes one score. Roll 5 more times to generate the rest of the set. Complete that two more times so you have 18 potential ability scores (3 sets of 6). Choose the set you like (could be one with decent scores for all abilities, 12-15s, or the set with a few great numbers 17,18s and some lower scores.) It depends on how you want your character to play and act.

Now with a chosen set you assign those 6 numbers to the abilities, that is done based on your character’s intended class. (For example, a fighter is going to be fighting with a sword and armor so Strength and Constitution are important. Stength to aid the sword combat attack and damage, and Constitution to improve the character’s toughness and hit points. While a rogue should be sneaky and smart, Dex and Int) The ability scores then determine ability modifiers which are used to add and subtract to your rolls to determine the outcome.

With a class, race, and ability scores determined we can talk over skills, equipment and feats in person.

Character Summary
Justin: Halfling Bard
Katlyn: Gnome Cleric
Ben: Half-Orc Barbarian
Lauren: Elf Druid


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